Saturday, 14 June 2014

Birthday Meal Outfit

So today (14th June 2014) is my 16th birthday!

As I go to drama classes most Saturdays, I went out for a meal with my close friends and family on the Friday evening before my birthday, as a pre-birthday celebration and a celebration of the fact that my GCSE exams are now all over and done with!

My family and two of my close friends all went out for an Italian meal, and I wore a River Island top, Quiz kimono, The Ragged Priest shorts, JuJu shoes and a pink Forever 21 statement necklace. I love pastels, and baby pink and lilac are two of my favourite colours, so I figured that this would all be the perfect combination. My style is definitely girly, and I felt that this was the perfect way to show off my style.

In other news, now that my GCSE exams are over and I have a long summer ahead of me, I'm definitely going to try and start posting more. I'm aiming to do around 3-4 posts a week, but I may have to ease into it depending on how busy I am!

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