Thursday, 26 June 2014

Lipsy London Sale Peplum Top

Today (26/06/2014), I went shopping with one of my close friends, and I noticed that there were a lot of sales starting; hooray! Summer sales are definitely one of my favourites, as you can buy so many things for your summer holiday, and you can buy items of clothing to wear as "everyday" clothes for a fraction of the original price.

When my friend and I first arrived at the shopping centre, we wandered into Lipsy London. Outside of the shop they had a "Sale" sign, so of course we both wanted to have a look! After scanning a few of the rails, I came across this top in my size. I tried it on and it fit really well. It was meant to be £40.00, but since it was in the sale, I managed to buy it for £20.00! I hadn't bought anything from Lipsy London in ages, so it felt nice to have just bought something from that shop again.

The top is an off-white colour, and is a peplum style top. Around the top it has tiny pearls scattered around, giving it a girly look. As you may know I love girly-styled items of clothing, so of course I fell in love with this top! 

In terms of styling options, as it's a peplum style top I think I may decide to keep it simple by pairing it up with a pair of skinny, acid washed, blue jeans. On my feet, I feel that this top would go best with my clear, glittery JuJus and white frilly socks. However, if I wanted to dress the top up a little bit more, I would team this up with a black bodycon skirt, nude coloured wedges and a nude coloured clutch bag. In terms of jewellery, I think that pearls would compliment and match the top best.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Second Pair of JuJus!

Yesterday (22/06/14) I went shopping and bought my 2nd pair of JuJus! As I can fit into a size 2, they only cost me £15.00. However, from size 3 and upwards they would have cost me £20.00, so they're not expensive at all.

I've always found that the quality of JuJu footwear is extremely good, as I've got on well with my first pair, which are of a baby pink colour. However, I would recommend wearing socks when wearing these shoes, as they can hurt bare feet after a while! 

I've also found that these shoes fit really well. As I'm a size 2 (although I can fit into some size 3 shoes), I find it hard to fit into shoes, but these shoes fit perfectly. 

As for styling options, the clear colour of these shoes mean that they'll go with anything. I personally love to team them up with frilly socks, and a cute dress or skirt. They'd also go well with skinny jeans and a simple t-shirt. 

Overall, I adore JuJus!

Friday, 20 June 2014

New Turquoise Topshop Blouse

The other day (18/6/14), I took a lovely trip down to one of the local shopping centres with two of my best friends, and I bought this beautiful sleeveless blouse from Topshop.

Topshop is my favourite clothing shop, as their items tend to fit me quite nicely, so when I saw this blouse for £22 I knew that I had to get it!

I'm really into pastel coloured items of clothing at the moment, so I feel that this mint green/turquoise piece will fit in with my collection of pastel coloured clothes quite nicely. It has a camisole underneath part of this blouse which is of the exact same colour, so it's not too see-through, although around the sleeve area another camisole may be needed if you want full coverage. 

In terms of styling options, I may pair this up with a pair of skinny acid washed jeans and white converse. Alternatively, I may decide to team this up with a denim skater skirt, turquoise or mint-coloured frilly socks and a pair of clear, glittery JuJus. 

Overall, I feel that this blouse is great to wear in summer, due to it's pastel colour, and I feel that it will definitely fit in with my girly style!

Monday, 16 June 2014

New River Island Blouse

Yesterday (15/06/14) I bought the most beautiful blouse from River Island for £20.

It's a cream colour, but it has a purple, pink and yellow aztec-styled print with a few dashes of grey splashed around.

It stood out from everything in that particular shop, and as soon as I saw it I fell in love with it. It's very girly, and will definitely add to my girly style and girly collection of clothes. It fits really well and is made out of good quality material. However, I would recommend wearing a white strappy camisole or something that will look nice underneath another top as it is quite small and may be see - through.

For my next blog post I may post some different styles and ways to wear this top, so please keep your eyes peeled :)

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Birthday Meal Outfit

So today (14th June 2014) is my 16th birthday!

As I go to drama classes most Saturdays, I went out for a meal with my close friends and family on the Friday evening before my birthday, as a pre-birthday celebration and a celebration of the fact that my GCSE exams are now all over and done with!

My family and two of my close friends all went out for an Italian meal, and I wore a River Island top, Quiz kimono, The Ragged Priest shorts, JuJu shoes and a pink Forever 21 statement necklace. I love pastels, and baby pink and lilac are two of my favourite colours, so I figured that this would all be the perfect combination. My style is definitely girly, and I felt that this was the perfect way to show off my style.

In other news, now that my GCSE exams are over and I have a long summer ahead of me, I'm definitely going to try and start posting more. I'm aiming to do around 3-4 posts a week, but I may have to ease into it depending on how busy I am!