Monday, 23 June 2014

Second Pair of JuJus!

Yesterday (22/06/14) I went shopping and bought my 2nd pair of JuJus! As I can fit into a size 2, they only cost me £15.00. However, from size 3 and upwards they would have cost me £20.00, so they're not expensive at all.

I've always found that the quality of JuJu footwear is extremely good, as I've got on well with my first pair, which are of a baby pink colour. However, I would recommend wearing socks when wearing these shoes, as they can hurt bare feet after a while! 

I've also found that these shoes fit really well. As I'm a size 2 (although I can fit into some size 3 shoes), I find it hard to fit into shoes, but these shoes fit perfectly. 

As for styling options, the clear colour of these shoes mean that they'll go with anything. I personally love to team them up with frilly socks, and a cute dress or skirt. They'd also go well with skinny jeans and a simple t-shirt. 

Overall, I adore JuJus!

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