Friday, 16 May 2014

Jelly Shoes; love or hate?

Jelly Shoes; they seemed to have appeared from thin air. However, jelly shoes have been around for longer than some of us may have thought (including me at first. . . woops). My mother wore these shoes when she was around my age, so it seems like the trend may have passed on from one generation to the next! 

There is a large difference between the shoes from the 1980s, and the shoes from now however. For example, they seemed to be made of a thinner kind of plastic, and were rather flat. Many also looked like ballet flats, but now there are many different types of styles of jelly shoes. Nowadays, many of these shoes seemed to be infused with a great big chunky heel at the back, giving them a more "stylish, yet edgy" kind of look.

However, I stuck to my girly girl style and went for the pink flat style (I only have size two feet so they're the childrens version. . .) which I adore. Baby pink is my favourite colour, so it was obvious that I would go for the shoes in this colour! Also, I wear a lot of pastel coloured items of clothing, so I felt that pairing these shoes with a pastel - coloured item would complete the look. 

My main reason for buying these shoes though was for my summer holiday in Ibiza. They're so so so handy to wear on the beach and around the pool, as they can be washed easily if sand gets into them.

To conclude, these shoes are practical but will also make your feet look great; a very rare combination nowadays!

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