Friday, 9 May 2014

My Favourite New Blouse

Last week I saw the most beautiful blouse in River Island. When I saw the blouse for the first time, the blouse that was in a size 6 had a great big hole in the back of it (Boo!) so I visited a different River Island store and managed to find a better quality one c:

I'd been meaning to buy a new white blouse for quite some time now, and this one fits the bill perfectly. It fits really well, and is not too tight but not too baggy either. However, the neck line is quite low, so when I wear this blouse I usually wear a plain white vest top underneath. However, any colour top can be worn underneath this blouse.

As for pairing it with another item of clothing, the possibilities are endless. Here, I have paired this blouse up with a pair of my Miss Selfridge dogtooth leggings, but I prefer to pair it up with my maroon Topshop jeans, to give it more of a girly feel. Keeping with River Island, I also like to wear my black River Island blazer over the top of this blouse when the weather's chilly. However, there are all different kinds of combinations that you could have, like a leather skater skirt, or tucked into pastel denim shorts if the weather turns hot.

To sum things up, this River Island blouse is a true beauty, and can make any outfit lovely and girly.

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