Sunday, 16 March 2014

Summer Colours 2014; Neon VS Pastels

Summer will soon be here, but the main question is; will neon or pastels come out on top?

Neon colours have always been seen as the ultimate summer colours. Orange and yellow are traditionally the colours that are associated with being summer colours, and always grace the shelves of high street stores. Topshop Unique's show saw lots of yellow colours being showcased down the runway, including the likes of the ever so popular maxi - dress. PPQ also showcased yellow maxi dresses too. Could yellow maxi dresses come out on top this summer?

Pastels are usually associated with being winter colours. Winter 2014 saw plenty of pastel colours appearing on cropped jumpers and pencil skirts, with baby pink coming out on top. However, by the looks of it, pastels will continue to reign during the summer of 2014 also. Burberry showcased their latest Spring/Summer collection with the likes of pink and baby blue shirts tucked into pencil skirts.

Both seem to be quite popular down the runway, but will loud neon or girly pastels make it into the high street stores this summer? Only time will tell..

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