Sunday, 9 March 2014

Skorts; possible summer trend?

Whilst out and about shopping the high street, I've noticed a lot of skorts popping up now and again.

"What is a skort?" you may wonder.

Well, it's a combination of a skirt and a pair of shorts; skirt at the front and shorts at the back.

To me they're a bit like hit and miss; you either love 'em or you loathe 'em. You may love the idea of a skort. When you sit down, you won't have to worry about accidentally flashing your knickers (woopsie). You can just sit down and get on merrily. Plus they're great ways to trick people if you're feeling a bit cheeky:

"Wow I love your skirt.. no your shorts.. no your skirt.. argghh!"

On the other hand, you may not like the idea of a skort. You may be a person that likes both to be separate, and for things to look relatively similar all of the way round on an item of clothing. You may just be a person who wants to be free of confusion (as indeed we all do at times).

If you do love the idea of a skort, they're available in most high street stores. From tartan ones, to plain black ones, there's a skort out there for you somewhere.

However, if you don't like the idea of a skort, more and more skirts and shorts are starting to creep up for summer time; hooray!

So, is the skort the one for you? Will it be a summer trend? Time will tell..

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