Monday, 3 March 2014

Winter Fashion Round-Up

So it may SEEM like winter may still be in full swing, but new fashions will always be coming in; regardless of what season it is. Here are a few of the things that have been in style for Winter 2014:


Tartan was predicted to be a huge hit for the winter in the summer of 2013; and boy were those predictions correct. Rihanna's latest collection for River Island featured many tartan items, including a tartan turtle-neck cropped top. The piece of tartan that I own is a tartan mini skirt from Forever 21. I love to pair it with my chelsea boots, black tights and plain white blouse. I love all things girly, but I also love fashion, so by wearing a tartan mini skirt I'm taking what's fashionable and making it my own so that it fits in with my own style; which in itself feels like an achievement to me. Traditional red tartan hasn't just been in style. Blue and black tartan has made it's way onto our high street store shelves also, making the tartan impossibilities endless.

Pastel Jumpers

Pastels may seem like summer colours, but pastel jumpers were all the range this winter. Stores like Topshop featured pastel jumpers, and I should know as this winter I donned a baby pink cropped jumper from there. Pairing pastel jumpers with acid washed jeans and frilly socks is perfect, as it can make a nice contrast between winter clothing but with bright pastel colours. I reckon that pastels will continue to make their mark in the summer, although I doubt that they will be featured on jumpers..

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots were all the range in the 90s, and made an amazing comeback this year. Most days in the winter (When I didn't have to go to school of course) I wore my chelsea boots from Topshop. Chelsea boots work well with practically anything. Whether you want to wear a skater dress, or a simple pair of dark jeans, they can spice up any outfit whilst keeping your feet warm. A pretty thing to pair them with is a pair of frilly socks. Although the colour of the frilly socks may not be entirely noticeable, the frills will sit nicely on top of the boot and make the boots look a little bit more pretty or girly if you're worried they look too harsh (and they don't; trust me).

This winter featured some FANTASTIC pieces, but these were just a few of the main ones that I thought that I would feature c:

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