Tuesday, 1 April 2014

New Spring Look

So recently, I purchased a couple of brand new items. When purchasing, I noticed that these two items would work very well together. .

These two items are a stripey dress from Miss Selfridge and a denim jacket from Topshop (the gold bow necklace is from Forever 21, and I thought it'd polish off the outfit nicely)

Recently, I've been wearing a lot of monochrome outfits, as I feel that it's a very stylish colour scheme at the moment. I love bodycon dresses, as I feel that they fit and suit me better than other styles of dresses. The dress sits just above the knee, which is a perfect length seen as I'm a petite girl. It can be dressed up with anything, as the colours of the stripes seem to match everything. It can be glammed up with a sparkly blazer and shoes, or dressed down like I've done so on the left. It's one of those dresses that you can do plenty of things with.

I also adore the denim jacket. The tiny rip on the top right of the jacket gives it a nice edgy look, without it looking like it's been ruined. It works well with everything (except other denim pieces!) and can make an outfit look casual if you're worried that the outfit looks too dressy. It has a lovely light denim colour as well, making it perfect for spring and cold summer nights.

I personally pieced this outfit together, as I love the contrast of the colours. The dress is perfect for a lovely spring day, but if it suddenly turns cold the denim jacket will warm you right up. I also love how it has a very 90s look, although denim jackets were a massive trend in the 80s. I've teamed this outfit up with a gold necklace as I feel that the neckline would be quite bare without it; plus gold chain necklaces are all the range now.

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