Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Powder Scarf

Although it's supposed to be summer (wishful thinking!), the weather here in the UK just doesn't seem to agree. It sounds mad to be wearing a scarf, but this isn't your normal winter, woolly scarf, oh no.

Powder Scarves UK currently have a large collection of spring scarves. I received the "Capri" scarf which is a mixture of pink and yellow tones. This isn't just your average scarf though, as it's unique texture is ruffled with fringed detail at the bottom.

Now you may be thinking that a scarf at this time of year sounds rather odd, but this isn't as thick as a winter scarf, meaning that it's perfect for when we're greeted by some cold weather. 

Styling wise, I personally feel that it would be best to let the scarf do all of the talking, so keep the outfit simple. Paired with a baby pink jacket and white jeans would make for a cute and girly statement, whilst teamed with a beige jacket and black jeans would make for a more chic ensemble.

Scarf -  c/o* Powder Scarves UK, £20.00

*Courtesy of and gifted by the company


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I'd also like to apologise for my lack of posting last month! I had a lot of exams during May, but now that exam season is drawing to a close I'm hoping to get some summer themed blog posts up!

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