Sunday, 1 March 2015

Rara De Barr: Antique Ice Earrings & Multi-Coloured Imogen

I really do love statement jewellery. It just brightens up dull outfits and makes them more fun!

These Antique Ice Earrings are different to what I'd usually wear, but I absolutely adore them. They're really elegant, but they're not too over the top either. They're a classic colour so they'll match any outfit, whether it's a multi-coloured bodycon dress or just a plain white top (Like I've worn here!)
They can be worn for all different types of formal occasions as well, making them fairly versatile.

This Multi-Coloured Imogen bracelet is extremely colourful - and I love it! The bright tones can add a pop of vibrancy to any outfit, whether it be a blouse and jeans or a playsuit. When teaming up your outfit with jewellery, if you want to keep most of your jewellery simple and just wear one statement piece, then this is the perfect bracelet.

On this occasion, I teamed up these pieces with a white square top, black Joni jeans and red lipstick, as I wanted the statement jewellery to do all of the talking.


Antique Ice Earrings - (Courtesy of) Rara De Barr, £12.00
Multi-Coloured Imogen Bracelet - (Courtesy of) Rara De Barr, £16.00
Top - Glamorous (DANNI Boutique)
Jeans - Topshop


Rara De Barr:

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